15 Crystal Roses A Tale Of Love Slot Review (Play’n GO) High Volatility

15 Crystal Roses A Tale Of Love Slot Review

Looking for the 15 Crystal Roses A Tale of Love slot review? Sorry, League of Legends fans, this game has nothing to do with Zyra, Swain, or any other game skins. 15 Crystal Roses, on the other hand, is a glimpse into Play’n GO’s softer side, a place for hopeless romantics to lose themselves and perhaps find true love? 

If not, there are plenty of longings to be had, as well as some good ol’ serious gambling to be had. Because so much of it is based on The Sword and the Grail, players can expect large multiplier wild action of up to x100, a new stacking scatter concept, and massive potential.

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The 15 Crystal Roses A Tale Of Love Slot Review Summary

You could be tempted to think you’ve slipped and fallen into a Mills & Boon cover when 15 Crystal Roses loads. Welcome to the utopian realm of chivalry, where it’s not uncommon to see men with constantly filthy jackets after leaving them in puddles for ladies to walk on. 

Stallions abound, and everyone seems to be looking at the horizon with a sad expression. While 15 Crystal Roses appears to be the type of game that will appeal to a narrow group, the great gameplay may make it a guilty pleasure for those who play it without revealing their friends.

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1. Return to Player and Volatility

A 5-reel, 3-row gaming panel with 20 fixed paylines sits in the heart of this strangely mysterious region. 15 Crystal Roses’ high (9/10) volatility in the math model is similar to one of those couples who loves, bickers, splits up, gets back together, and does it all over again. 

The RTP is also finicky, ranging from a baseline value of 96.2% to a floor level of 84.2% in increments. To stoke the passions, any device can be used, with stakes ranging from 10p to £/€100 every spin.

2. Paying Symbols

When at least 3 matching symbols appear in neighboring reels from the left side of the grid, a win is awarded, and there are nine standard paylines. The first five tiles are stone-shaped 10-A tiles with royal imprints, while the heights include vases, horses, Lancelot, and Elaine. 

The  5 low payouts will pay out 2-4 times your stake, whereas 5 premiums will pay out 7.5 to 25 times your stake. The love wild symbol, which can show on any reel and substitute for all other symbols, is worth double that amount, or 50x if 5 occur. Let’s take a look at how multiplier wilds can appear.

3. Gameplay (Features)

In addition to the multiplier wild described previously, the 15 Crystal Roses offer a stacked scatter feature and free spins.

Multiplier Wilds

The love wild symbol can emerge as a multiplier wild at any time during a spin. If it does, the numbers x2, x3, x5, x10, or x100 can be stored. 

When a win is produced with a multiplier wild, the value of the win is multiplied by the multiplier wild’s value.

Stacked Scatter Feature

The Crystal Rose is the scatter symbol, and it occurs on all 5 reels. The Crystal Scatter feature can randomly activate on any spin, stacking Crystal Rose scatters three high.

Free Spins

Having three or more scatter symbols in view, regardless of where they appear, activates the free spins bonus game. Collect Crystal Rose scatters during free spins to enhance the multiplier wild value for the remainder of the bonus. 

In the bonus round, collecting 3 scatters delivers +3 free spins and raises the multiplier wild value. After 15 Crystal Roses have been acquired, they are removed from the reels, making it impossible to win more free spins.

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Final Results

Play’n GO is known for its Arthurian-themed slots, and 15 Crystal Roses is a tad different in terms of theme. For generations, the era has been romanticized, and 15 Crystal Roses is the latest in a long line of retellings. If you want to get into the mood of the era, the game might be amusing, and the features aren’t too terrible either.

This game, on the other hand, doesn’t do much that other Play’n GO games haven’t done before. With the inclusion of a stacked scatter feature and a few changes to the bonus round, it roughly resembles The Sword and the Grail. There are more stages to complete this time, but less free spins to do it in. 

The ultimate goal, though, remains the same – collect the x100 multiplier and hope it appears as often as possible on the reels. For the 15 Crystal Roses A Tale of Love slot review, it has the potential to pay out as much as 10,000 times the stake. If you’re curious, it’s the same as the Holy Grail game. Find out at Daftar slot online site.

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