Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine: 50,000 Payout (Realistic)

Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine

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Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine: Intro

Who doesn’t enjoy watching fireworks? How many times as children did they make us stand for a long time with our noses up, exclaiming “oooh” and “wahhh” in wonder? We can rediscover that same enchantment with Realistic Games slot machines now that we are a little older. In fact, this British software provider has dedicated several titles in its slots catalogue to fireworks, including the one we’ll be discussing on this page, Funsize Fireworks.

This slot machine is part of the serious “cabinet”: its unique feature is that you can view it as any other online slot machine or as a bar machine to find that thrill. Despite its simple game layout and gameplay, it is a game that never fails to deliver excitement and thrills, with the possibility of seeing your stake multiplied several times! Read the Funsize Fireworks slot machine review to find out how to make these winnings explode!

General Description of Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine

We’ve already mentioned the first distinguishing feature of this slot777 machine, and it’s the double view, which distinguishes it from other Realistic titles. Following the brief animated introduction, which depicts a rocket rising into the sky and exploding colourful flowers, you are taken to the actual game screen.

There are two buttons at the top right: the first on the left depicts a camera, and pressing it allows you to view the slot in a typical way, focusing on the reels. However, if you press the button next to it, you can see the entire machine tilting against a wall, including the upper section that displays the fireworks and win multipliers. This is the section that awakens when you activate the game’s special feature, as we’ll see.

Having said that, the Funsize Fireworks slot machine is mostly very straightforward. In fact, it only has three reels and three lines, but it has five paylines. They are drawn from left to right and are fixed, and you must align the symbols on them to win.

Your winnings are determined by how much you bet: go to the general menu to determine your stake. To do so, click the hamburger icon in the bottom right corner. In the bet tab, you can set your denomination to anything from 0.20 to 200. You can reach the game’s maximum payout of 50,000 if you set the latter value. However, to rotate the reels, press the play button, which is located to the right and left of the reels.

Symbols of Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine

The Funsize Fireworks slot machine paytable is a compilation of all the most commonly used symbols in classic bar slots. Starting with the least expensive, there are precious stones.

The purples came first, then the blues, then the heart-shaped rubies, and finally the diamonds. Then there are banknotes and gold bars, both of which pay in the same way. Finally, the number seven and, of course, the fireworks are high pay symbols.

Because the Funsize Fireworks slot machine does not allow for the presence of special symbols, we do not find the Wild or the Scatter, as is usually the case. Is this to say that there are no bonus features in this Realistic slot? No way: let’s see what happens when you animate your standard game.

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Other Funsize Fireworks Features Slot Machine

Playing the Funsize Fireworks slot machine is extremely simple. You decide how much to bet and then spin the reels. This Realistic game does not support autoplay. You collect your winnings from the 5 paylines as the symbols scroll.

Then you might get a particularly lucky spin, one formed by three Stacked Reels. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, the same symbols appear on each of the three reels, making the reel appear to be completely filled with the same symbol.

When this occurs, the shot widens if you are adjusting the display on the reels. As the fireworks begin to light up, the machine is displayed in its entirety. They flash in sequence until one of the three symbols that started the feature remains lit. Each symbol guarantees a different prize depending on its position on the paytable.

Of course, it is the fireworks that allow you to win the biggest prize, which is 25 times your stake. To win the Funsize Fireworks Jackpot, you must have three Stacked Reels filled entirely with fireworks symbols in order to cash out the winnings on the paylines and then the machine’s prize.

Final Words on Funsize Fireworks Slot Machine

Funsize Fireworks slot machine is a game worth playing because it is unlike the majority of other slot machines you are used to. Despite having a very simple game layout, as it only has three reels, it is a lot of fun because it gives you two different viewing options that you can switch between whenever you want.

The special fireworks feature does not require any special symbols to activate, but when it does, it can award you with some really cool multipliers. Everything is expertly seasoned with well-executed, old-school graphics. You can also try Realistic Games’ Funsize Fireworks slot machine for free by using the Demo version.

Overall, this is a great game to play. Thank you for reading our Funsize Fireworks slot machine review; good luck with your fireworks, and please play responsibly!