Hong Bao Slot Overview: Max Bet, RTP, Paylines & Max Win Possibility

Hong Bao Slot

Hong Bao Slot, which translates to “red envelope” in Chinese culture, is a monetary present given on significant events like marriages, graduations, or the birth of a child. 

Collecting red envelopes, among other things, is what’s on the agenda in the Bonus Spins feature of this 5-reel, 50-payline Relax Gaming-powered slot developed by partner company Kalamba Games.

There is also a Free Spins mode where multiplier wilds could appear at random and grant you up to 3 fully stacked reels.

Depending on your Hyper Bet level in Hong Bao Slot, a different Return to Player percentage will apply. You’ll play with a setting of 94.74% when it’s at its lowest. The RTP rises to 97.50% when the top bet level is active, which is a very generous number. Although it gets a little complex at this point, the likelihood that you will win increases as the stake level increases. This Chinese-themed slot machine has a betting range of 0.30€ to a mind-blowing 2120€ each spin.

The visual production has an incredibly high degree of detail, and it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into making Hong Bao Slot pleasant to the senses. Along with high-value lotus blossoms, folding fans, Octagonal boxes, and Ming Dynasty vases—the last of which is the most precious and pays 1.6 times your bet for five of a kind—you’ll also see Chinese-style 9 to A card suit symbols. 

The wild symbol aids you in your search for wealth. It performs all the usual functions of replacing all the usual symbols and is symbolized by a lucky golden coin. On a payline, line up five of them.

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Hong Bao Slot: Features

The level of detail in the visual production is astounding, and it is obvious that a lot of work was put into making Hong Bao Slot pleasing to the senses. You can play games on situs judi bola online.

Against a mist-covered mountain valley backdrop and a meditative zen-like soundtrack in the background, you’ll see Chinese-style 9 to A card suit symbols as well as high-value lotus flowers, folding fans, Octagonal boxes, and Ming Dynasty vases, the latter of which is the most valuable and pays 1.6 times your stake for 5 of a kind.

You are helped in your quest for money by the wild symbol. It replaces all the typical symbols and performs all the typical tasks. A lucky golden coin is used to represent it. On a payline, line up five of them.

A collection meter can be seen if you look to the right of the reels. The meter is now filled up whenever a red envelope occurs in the base game. When 50 of them are accumulated, you have the choice of playing the Bonus Spins feature at the Bronze level or continuing to collect envelopes to advance to the next bonus level as appropriate:

  • 50 envelopes at the bronze level
  • 100 envelopes at the silver level
  • 150 envelopes at the gold level.
  • 220 envelopes at the Platinum level.

For each extra spins symbol that occurs in the bonus, you have a chance to win an additional spin in addition to the bonus game’s initial 3 spins. As illustrated below, a prize is given dependent on the quantity of red envelopes gathered throughout the feature at the conclusion of the bonus spins:

  • 20 symbols – The following levels pay out: Bronze Level: 10x, Silver Level: 15x, Gold Level: 30x, and Platinum Level: 50x.
  • 30 symbols – The following levels are paid: Bronze Level: 15x, Silver Level: 30x, Gold Level: 40x, and Platinum Level: 70x.
  • 40 symbols – The following levels pay out: Bronze Level 25x, Silver Level 60x, Gold Level 80x, and Platinum Level 100x.
  • 55 symbols – The following levels are paid: Bronze Level 35x, Silver Level 70x, Gold Level 120x, and Platinum Level 150x.
  • 70 symbols – Platinum Level Pays 200x, Gold Level Pays 200x, Silver Level Pays 60x, and Bronze Level Pays 60x.
  • 85 symbols – The following levels are paid: Bronze Level ($100), Silver Level ($200), Gold Level ($500), and Platinum ($1000).

Additionally, Hong Boa has a Free Spins feature that activates when three scatter symbols show up. Alternatively, you can buy the bonus spins by pressing the button with the perplexing name “Hyper Bonus” (the Free Spins and Bonus features are not the same in Hong Bao Slot). Accordingly, the quantity of initial free spins is determined by the Hyper Bet level you’ve chosen:

  • Level 1 wagering: 5 initial spins with a 1X multiplier for the wild.
  • Level 2 wagering: 7 initial spins with a 2X multiplier for the wild.
  • Level 3 wagering: 8 initial spins with a 3X multiplier on the wild value.
  • Level 4 wagering: 9 initial spins with a 5X multiplier for the wild (not available in the bonus buy option).

On reels 1, 3, and 5, the multiplier wilds appear at random and remain in place for the duration of the remaining spins. The ideal situation would be to have three fully stacked multiplier wild reels. By landing the extra spins symbol, you can also start the free spins over again. This will bring your total spins up by one.

Hong Bao Slot: Verdict

It almost appears as though Chinese-themed slots have to be constructed in the most perplexing and complicated way imaginable, especially in light of the recent release of Endless Treasures by SG Interactive. As you have seen, Hong Bao is not an exception to this norm.

Since there isn’t much potential either, Hong Bao Slot isn’t much more exciting than the drowsy background music. We gave it a shot, but even with three fully loaded wild reels during the free spins, not much really happened. Instead, it looks that the highest payout may be found in the Platinum level Bonus Spins feature, although getting there really requires Zen mastery. Overall, Hong Boa is more enjoyable to view and hear than to play.